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What is ModusVarious?

Modus Various is a limited partnership formed so that a group of us could market our skills in a central location. Eventually we aim to offer goods and services for sale, but for now, we are primarily consultants, and will work day jobs.

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List of Services

  • Web Design - content, forms, layout, tables (no flash, no java - we don't overload servers with extraneous fluff.)
  • Perl/CGI coding - scripts to enable you to get information to and from your site.
  • OS & Software Installation and Configuration - Windows, Linux or Solaris - we make house calls!
  • Hardware Costing, Acquisition, Build and Burn In - PC based systems built and burned in to order.
  • Web Hosting, Domain Name Management, and Remote Administration - help you to get a domain name and host your web site on one of our hosting partners.


Our Principals and Associates

  • Linda J. Laubenheimer, Partner (CEO, CFO)
    System Administration, Generalist, Perl Hack
    Resume | Email (unmunge the address before sending)

  • S. J. Hersha, Partner (CIO)
    Paradox Guru, Web Maven, Excel Maestro
    Resume | Email (unmunge the address before sending)

  • Derek Thornton, Chief Nut
    Techie at Large, Mailing List Guru, and the guy who can't spell "Independent" correctly for our page title.
    Email (unmunge the address before sending)

  • Alex Moorehead, Associate
    Project Manager, Data Analyst, QA Manager, Excel and Access Wizard
    Resume | Email (unmunge the address before sending)


Supported Projects

See the WebPros pages for salary, costing, and other data for web professionals to use as a resource.


What's Next?

Watch This Space!!


This page developed 6/21/2000. Last modified 6/21/2013